Washington D.C. Budget Challenge

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Washington D.C. Budget Challenge

In many ways, creating Washington, DC’s budget is much like creating a personal budget – it is a process that includes making tough decisions about spending and saving, and there is never an unlimited amount of money to spend.  

Coming into office, Mayor Bowser decided that DC residents should play a bigger role in creating the budget, and she made it a priority to hear directly from DC residents about their values and priorities. Each February, before finalizing the budget, the Mayor hosts a series of Budget Engagement Forums to get feedback from residents. In addition to the Budget Forums, you can now share your priorities with Mayor Bowser through the DC Budget Challenge. By making tough decisions about which programs and initiatives to fund and which to cut, you can share your DC values with the Mayor.  

As you go through the DC Budget Challenge remember your charge: serve the residents of DC while building a balanced budget!

You will start with a balanced budget. To spend more in one category, you will need to make cuts from another.  

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Note: This game presents the District's local operating budget only (excluding enterprise funds), not federal funds or the capital budget.

Brought to you by Mayor Muriel Bowser

For more information on the District's budget-building process, see: https://cfo.dc.gov/budget